Tone Indicator Meaning
/gen genuine
/hj half joking
/hyp hyperbole/exaggeration
/ij inside joke
/jf jokingly flirting
/j joking
/lh light hearted
/li literal
/m metaphorically
/nav not a vent
/nbh nobody here (useful if you think a vague vent might be taken the wrong way)
/neg negative connotation
/nm not mad
/nsx non-sexual connotation
/pos positive connotation
/p platonic
/q quote/lyrics
/rc random chaos
/ref reference
/rh rethorical question
/r romantic
/self is directed at yourself and not others in the community/chat/server
/srs serious
/s sarcasm
/sx sexual intent
/sys not directed or about anyone outside of the (plural) system
/th threat
/t teasing